Monday, July 19, 2010

Woo hoo!

Ok so I've been away for awhile-things happen but I'm back-can't say how long for this time but we'll see.

What's happened? Well for one thing-the Junior Footy Season has just finished and my DH decided to coach the U9's Mistake? Well in some cases Yep! but on the other hand-No. Thru the love of junior footy DH has made some great friends-both on and off the field. As well as supporting the players and urging them on, he has been able to put himself out there and make himself accountable to the parents, supporters and the club. DH is a shy petal and for him to get out there and work with these kids is a miracle in itself. Unfortunately he won't be able to coach the U10's next season due to work constraints but I know he'll be out there supporting his DS8 and his mates every Sunday morning!

Go Scoresby!

P.S. might also have something to do with the bucket of Gatorade deposited over him and the mud thrown at him at the last match-finely organised by the DS8!

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Pauline said...

Picking myself up off the floor in shock at an unexpected blog update...

Well done Stu! It's a challenge taking on these things ... but I'll bet you were great.