Saturday, October 18, 2008

Art in the Wendy House

Here's something I made before I went to hospital. I know, I have to stop making so many blurry photos, I need some help!

Anyway it's a slide with a picture of girls bound in copper tape. I gave it to my aunt for her birthday. The words stamped say, Fun Friendship and Giggle. I do hope she liked it.

The other card is of the Stamp-It hat. I love this image as you can do so much with it. This was the card for the M-I-L. She is a very old fashioned and this image suits here. I stamped the words fashion and style around the card as it's her to a tee.

Fun and Games

Things are getting better. I can now sit at the computer for longer periods of time, I can walk around K Mart for an hour (shouldn't have done it but then I wouldn't have known that I couldn't) and am up to 10 houses and hope to be at my girl friend's for coffee today.

The down side, I am still having trouble dressing myself and I couldn't go to Paperific this weekend or the sale at Wrapt Design and DH has decided I can cope and he's going back to work well for 4 hours a day for the first week and then we see how I go.

Tonight, I get to go to the scouts Trivia Night and I see some of my friends and have a laugh, though this may prove a problem as I stiil have to hold my stomach when I laugh, must remember to take the cushion.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I am so frustrated! Yes, I know I've had major surgery but this no bending, dropping things on the floor and can't pick them, having someone help me get dressed and not being able to cuddle the boys is driving me nuts!
But I had a positive last night. I got to go visiting and yes, sit in someone else's four walls and look at their dust and cobwebs for about three hours and more importantly,the boys got to let off some steam with other kids and DH got some quality time with other men. So for that I'm thankfully.
I am walking up and down the street every day, increasing a house every day. I'm now up to 7 houses both ways. My aim to get to my friend's for coffee, walking there and back, but with a big break in between. I'll have to let her know cause she's not home everyday and even on her day off she could be gadding about.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sorry, I lost the plot earlier. Am still in some pain from my surgery and with children and husband home and me not being able to do anything, I get very frustrated.
Anyway, what I was going to tell you about was the article in the The Herald Sun this morning about the 1971 Sun Tour. Why it interests me is that my dad rode in a Sun Tour and followed others. My Dad was and still is a cyclist. I think he rode his first race at 11 and has riden for a very long time since. He had a bit of a blow out in 1977 when he fell off his bike on the track and then took up running, but before this, he rode and we followed, many a race, many a weekend when we were growing up.
While reading the article A Place In The Sun, DH asked would Dad know any of those riders. I replied he should, they were his fellow competitors and allies from his race days and they are all about his age. Some of those names I had heard him mention over time.
It's funny to see a photo from an era a life time ago and have it evovke so many memories.

A Place In The Sun

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Home and Tender

I arrived home on Monday and have done not much since. I am able to go on the computer but only in short bursts as the sitting nearly kills me. Otherwise, I'm ok.

Hospital was an interesting time as it always is. I was suppose to be in the Maternity ward but as I was coming out of recovery, I was informed (as one can be in a morphine induced state) that an emergency c-section had taken my bed and I was to go to Ambleside the orthopedic ward. All I could think of was all the old people go there and I was so right.

Fortunately, I had a single bed ward which means I didn't have to put up with anybody else and because I was such a novelty to have on the ward, the nursing staff would fight for me as each time there was change over, I would see a different face with lots of questions. I have to say here that each nurse I had was lovely and very caring which is all you can ask for.

Getting tired so will keep talking another time