Sunday, August 31, 2008

Football-Lance 'Buddy' Franklin

Did you see it? Did you hear it? Were you there? My god, we saw it heard it and yes we were there. Where? The game last night between Hawthorn and Carlton at the Telstra Dome Melbourne. What a game! I now have to confess, I barrack for Hawthorn in the AFL and have done so for some time.
We were given tickets to the game from my Carlton friend as she was unable to attend and her seats are in the Carlton members. DH was a bit freaked by this as he remembers back to the days at Princess Park when the Carlton fans were quite vocal and was concerned this is what was going to happen here. I did try to reassure him that everybody is quite normal and pleasant as I'd sat with McMansion last year and wasn't insulted or abused. He backed down and said we'd go but if there was any trouble we'd be out of there. DS9 and DS6 were coming too and I think DH was more concerned for their safety than his own.We arrived around 6pm as the crowd was growing. Very impressed with the seats (thanks McMansion) and waited while the crowd began to swell.
Why was it such an exciting game? Buddy was to kick his 100th goal of the season and Fev was 8 from the tonne. The game started with Carlton flooding the forward line to stop Buddy from getting the ball, but at the 20min mark, Buddy marked and kicked his first goal. The crowd then merged into the aisles, waiting like a pack of wolves for Buddy to kick his next goal. They weren't disappointed. At the 26min mark, Buddy kicked it. The crowd went wild and ran onto the crowd. As well as congratulating Buddy, who was whisked off the ground by security, the crowd converged into the centre and huddled round the Carlton players, wishing that their star forward would kick the tonne too. It added 8 minutes onto the first quarter and many announcements to get the spectators off the ground. Unfortunatly, Fev was left stranded on 99 kicking 7 goals and 3 behinds in his last game of the season. The other bonus, yes Hawthorn did win.
Roll on September and the Finals.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


With being ill, I've been able to catch up on all the leisure activities I never get to do and one of them includes reading. I've just finished Mao's Last Dancer and it was just lovely, unbelieveable but none the less a great read. I won't tell you the ending but it's about a Chinese boy from a family of 7 sons who live in poverty but manage to scrap together a life for themselves. He is chosen to join the Madam Mao Dance Troop and despite the pain and homesickness he suffers, he becomes a world renown ballet dancer. It's such a heart wrenching book. He now lives in Melbourne with his own family.
I'm now reading a Nora Roberts triology-the Circle Triology. I've only just started so I'll have to put in some quality resting time to complete this one.
Today is our Wedding Anniversary and as usual, DH is one up on me and has already given me a card. I'm still to make one so that will be tomorrow's job. DS9 wanted to know why Dad had given me a card and was horrified that we hadn't told anyone it was our anniversary, so when I got to school this morning, his teacher wished me a Happy Anniversary. I couldn't believe he had had enough time to see her let alone tell her! Oh the joys of children

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Wendy House

One of the advantages of "resting" is that I can play in The Wendy House. Yes I hear you ask, what's The Wendy House?

It's 'my studio' however the family have taken it over and it's now a shared studio with DH and 2 DS's. It was originally the garage but as the car was never in it, it became the dumping area for all things outside. We decided, after friends did a reno on one of their old sheds, to make the room more user friendly , hence the Wendy House plan came together. I sketched out what I wanted and friends of ours who have a building company (Always Better Carpentry) helped me plan and build it. I have to say it's one of the best things we ever did! It has a toliet, kitchen sink, heaps of cupboards and storage areas as well as deep benches to work on, heating and cooling.

All my craft friends are so jealous of it and we just love it. One day I'll show you a photo of it.

I called it the Wendy House cause it's cute. I remember reading a book one day about the Two Young Princess's and they had a Wendy House in the grounds of Buckingham Palace and wishing that I could have something like that when I was little. I have since found out that the Lost Boys built a house for Wendy on the island and the English call their cubby houses Wendy Houses . People just love it and I love the fact that I can use it and get away from the family at the same time. I will have to clean it up or attempt to as I can never find anything when I want it.

I have had a chance to have a 'play' and make some cards. I will try and post some photos soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

At Home

I am suppose to be recovering from surgery instead I'm home with bronchitis and have no idea when the surgery will be happening. I am sick and tired of watching the Olympics so I thought I'd have a go a blog instead. I am trying to be creative during my time of rest but need some inspiration from somewhere, so will look thru my old craft magazines to see what I can find. Will keep you posted